Yes. An employee’s benefits eligibility can change during employment if any of the following occur: Employment status change from part-time to full-time Employment status change from full-time to part-time Qualifying Status Change, as defined in the Luxottica Group Benefits Plan Summary Plan Description (life event that allows changes in an employee’s benefits enrollment, including but not limited to the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, death, and loss of coverage from spouse). When an employee’s employment changes from part-time to full-time, full-time to part-time, or a qualified status change occurs, he/she should log onto to enroll in benefits or update benefits selections. If employees have questions they should call 1-866-431-8484 (select option for benefits). Please remind your employee to update his/her address in My Personal Desk to ensure that benefits information is received. Employees have thirty (30) days to enroll in benefits from the date of the status change.
Employees need to review benefits selections each year. Watch for announcements related to annual enrollment leading up to the fourth quarter.
Benefits for terminated employees (voluntarily or involuntarily) stop at the end of the pay period during which employment is terminated. If the employee qualifies for COBRA benefits, he/she will receive information concerning these benefits within 14 days of the date termination is reported to Aon Hewitt. The employee can also access information concerning COBRA benefits at after his/her termination has been processed.
Employees who do not receive their complimentary eyewear certificate by the 15th of their anniversary month should notify their field manager, who should notify Aon Hewitt at within 60 days of the employee’s anniversary month. Lost or misplaced certificates will not be reissued. See the Luxottica Employee Guide for more information on complimentary eyewear certificates.