Retail Workplace Violence:

Critical incidents of workplace violence require immediate response. If you are in immediate danger call 911.

To report non-critical issues of threats or other inappropriate behavior partner with your manager or submit all relevant information via Employee Relations e-Service.

For critical issues of IMMEDIATE continued risk of physical safety:

Critical Steps  

  1. Determine whether there are any immediate steps you can take to de-escalate the situation. In the event of immediate continued risk to the physical safety of an employee, customers, or others, contact the police for assistance and call 866-lux-help or 866-589-4357 (Select Option 6).
  2. Then (Option 1), to report threats and violence in the workplace.
  3. Your call will be answered by Asset Protection Command Center staff.
  4. Staff will request the necessary details pertaining to the critical incident.
  5. The caller will be provided with next steps and EAP information.
  6. After reporting incident to the Asset Protection Command Center assure employees who are reporting alleged threats or violence, the allegations will be thoroughly investigated and advise them to maintain confidentiality during the investigation process.
  7. Inform the reporting employee(s) that if they are in fear of their physical safety or the safety of others, they have the option of contacting the police.
  8. Maintain custody of any evidence brought to your attention. Do not interview additional employees. Do not discuss the issue with anyone outside of your Regional Manager, RMAP, HRBP or Employee Relations. At no time should you initiate corrective action without Field Management approval.
  9. Contact your manager as soon as possible,
  10. Advise your manager of the incident and discuss possible next steps including:
    • Separation of involved employees
    • Temporary suspension or reassignment of involved employees
    • Wellbeing of affected employees
    • Schedule changes may be needed while the investigation is taking place
    • Review Media Policy with employees
    • EAP Support
    • Submission of e-Service Consultation Request if appropriate

For additional information regarding Workplace Violence and Weapons see the Employee Guide.