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Where required by law, the Company will provide reasonable accommodation(s) for employees and applicants for employment with disabilities, as well as employees who require reasonable accommodation(s) for pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or related medical conditions.  Similarly, reasonable accommodation(s) may also be provided for employees with sincerely held religious beliefs or who are victims of domestic violence in compliance with applicable state, provincial or local law. A reasonable accommodation includes any change to the work environment, and may include:

  • Providing qualified readers or interpreters
  • Making facilities accessible
  • Job restructuring
  • Part-time or modified work schedules
  • Modifying/purchasing equipment
  • Modifying policies
  • Reassigning non-essential job functions
  • Reassignment to a permanent vacant position

If an employee requests an accommodation due to medical disability, pregnancy, breastfeeding or religion, please contact Employee Relations via e-Service located on My Personal Desk through the Employee Relations Icon.

Employee Relations will partner with you to discuss the details of the employee’s accommodation request.  In cases involving disability, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, the HR business partner (or Employee Relations, for retail store locations) will work with the employee and Benefits Department to obtain additional information from the employee, which may include medical documentation verifying the need and/or reason for the accommodation request.  Managers do not have the authority to grant or deny accommodation requests. Once additional information is obtained, Employee Relations will work with you to determine whether a reasonable accommodation exists, whether a reasonable accommodation will be provided, and how to communicate the decision to the employee.  If the employee is provided an accommodation for disability or pregnancy, Employee Relations may periodically request updated medical information from the employee to monitor his/her condition and evaluate the continuing effectiveness of the accommodation.

Understanding Workplace Accommodations Job Aid