Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

Luxottica strictly enforces a drug-free workplace policy.  Reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing may be appropriate where a manager observes specific noticeable changes in an employee’s behavior, appearance, odors, and/or speech that suggest he/she may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the workplace, or where other credible factors suggest a violation of the Company’s Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy (see Luxottica Employee Guide).


  1. Call the Employee Relations 24/7 Emergency Line at 513-765-6871. All Reasonable Suspicions must be reported in real time. An Employee Relations Manager will provide and guide you through completion of an Observation Check List and Post-Employment Drug Screening Consent and Release Form.
  2. If you received approval from Employee Relations to move forward with a Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol test, call:
  • During business hours (7:00 am EST – 4:00 pm EST) 513-312-1510
  • After business hours (4:01 pm EST – 6:59 am EST) 513-765-6800

Inform the administrator that a Drug & Alcohol Screening needs to be performed.

  1. Instruct employee not to return to work after he/she completes drug and alcohol testing. If he/she is scheduled to work upcoming shifts, explain that he/she will be taken off the schedule until further notice, and someone will contact them after the test results are returned.
  2. Contact Employee Relations or your HR Business Partner to discuss next steps after the employee’s test results, regardless of whether positive or negative results are returned.


U.S. Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing FAQ

Q: What should I do if the employee refuses to complete the Post-Employment Drug Screening Consent and Release Form, or report for testing?

A: Explain that refusal to comply is grounds for termination of employment. If the employee still refuses to sign, or indicates his/her refusal to report for testing, communicate this to the Employee Relations Manager.