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Luxottica assistance programs offer support and resources to employees in need. See below for more information about each program, including how you and your employees can request and provide assistance.

Employee Assistance Program/EAP

The Company offers access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as part of our commitment to provide comprehensive, quality benefits. This benefit is provided at no cost to employees.

EAP is a confidential support and referral service that offers resources to help you maximize productivity while balancing life’s realities and challenges, such as child care and parenting, aging parents, financial and legal concerns, work and career, emotional well-being, addiction, recovery, and more.  Employees can receive up to four visits per concern with a licensed counselor.

To access your EAP program:

US & Puerto Rico ALL employees and household members : Anthem EAP (Company Name: Luxottica) or 1-800-865-1044

Canada ALL employees and household members: Anthem EAP (Company Name: Luxottica) or 877-847-4525