The Company recognizes the natural desire of employees to assist their relatives, as well as others with whom they have cohabitating relationships, to seek careers with the Company. This policy is established to protect the Company and its employees from problems that might arise where it employs employees who share these types of relationships, such as actual or perceived conflicts of interest and favoritism.

With respect to employment of relatives and individuals with whom employees have a cohabiting relationship, candidates will be considered for employment with the Company based on their qualifications, but may not be hired if to do so would:

  1. Result in a direct reporting relationship between relatives or cohabiting employees
  2. Adversely impact the ability of the employee or his or her relative or cohabitator to perform his or her assigned duties and responsibilities
  3. Create either an actual or perceived conflict of interest.

This policy applies equally to situations that arise during the hiring process as it does to situations that
exist or develop in the future through promotion, transfer, marriage, housing changes or other actions.  As such, all employees have an ongoing obligation to advise management promptly of any changes in these relationship statuses with another employee. The Company will evaluate any given situation on a case-by-case basis to determine whether any of the above-noted concerns are triggered and, if so, what the appropriate course of action may be.

The Company reserves the right to transfer employees,  make alterations to their duties and responsibilities, place one of the employees outside the reporting relationship, or where the foregoing is not feasible, terminate the employment relationship, in order to address work performance issues, actual or perceived favoritism, actual or perceived conflicts of interest, or any other bona fide operational or business concern that stems from a relationship existing between related or cohabitating employees

For purposes of this policy, the term “relative” shall apply to the following relationships whether they are established by blood, marriage (“in-law” relationship) or other action: father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, spouse, domestic partner or similar relationship.  The term "cohabitant" or "roommate" applies to anyone with whom a residence is shared.


Direct Reporting Relationship - Employees Reporting to the Same Manager

Related employees may not report to the same manager unless they work at different locations or in different departments.  No employee in a management position may have a cohabitant/roommate working in his/her area of responsibility.

Q: What should I do if a reported relationship involving related or cohabitating employees exists or develops in the future through promotion, transfer, marriage, housing changes, etc.? 

A: Where such situations exist or develop in the future through promotion, transfer, marriage, housing changes or other action, employees have an ongoing obligation to advise management and/or Human Resources promptly of changes in relationship or roommate status.  At its discretion, the Company may modify the job duties of specific employees to address situations in which the exercise of that job duty may conflict with the spirit of this policy.

Please see the Employment of Relatives/Cohabitation Policy found in Luxottica Employee Guide for more information.