Certain federal, state, and local laws require employers to provide notice of employee rights and employer responsibilities via workplace posters.  Managers are responsible for ensuring that all required workplace posters are posted at the store location.

Failure to post required workplace posters may cause your store location to incur fines and penalties as a result of government inspection. 

What workplace posters are required for my store location?

All locations should have:

(1) Federal Labor Law Poster

(2) State posters (vary by state)

(3) Local Posters (vary by city/county)

(4) Workers’ Compensation Coverage Certificate
If your location is missing its Workers’ Compensation Coverage Certificate, email occupationalhealth@luxotticaretail.com.

(5)  Business Abuse and Compliance Hotline Poster

(6)  Asset Protection Poster (3R’s)

Workplace posters should be posted in a central location to which all employees have access and visibility, such as the store break room.  Kiosk and open air locations should retain workplace posters in the HR Operations binder to which all employees have access

New/Updated Posters

Updated and new posters are automatically sent to stores by GovDocs, Inc.  Please be on the lookout for mailing envelopes from GovDocs, Inc. and disregard mailings from other poster vendors. Updated posters should be posted and outdated posters should be taken down and discarded.  Posters are printed with a unique QR code that can be scanned with a QR code reader to verify the poster’s validity.

Replacement Posters

Federal, state, and local replacement posters can be ordered from Central Purchasing via the POS.