U.S. Employment Status Change FAQs

U.S. Employment Verification

Should you receive a request for a reference, including online requests via LinkedIn or any other social or professional networking website, direct the individual to www.Thomas-and-Company.com or 1-800-791-8943, EssilorLuxottica Code #LUX122.  Under no circumstances will positive or negative comments be made about an employee’s past performance or reason for leaving.

This applies to requests made by current and former employees, prospective employers, credit bureaus, etc.  Further requests for information beyond that provided by Thomas and Company should be referred to Thomas & Company Verifications Department at Verifications@Thomas-and-Company.com, 800-791-8943 or My Personal Desk > HR Service Center at 1-866-431-8484.

Please note that the Company’s Employment Verification and References Policy is found in the EssilorLuxottica Employee Guide. 

Canada Employment Verification

All Canadian Employment verifications are requested through the HR Service Portal.

Mortgage Verification

Managers are not authorized to complete mortgage verifications.  All mortgage verification requests should be directed to www.Thomas-and-Company.com or 1-800-791-8943, EssilorLuxottica Code #LUX122.

Please refer to Employment and Wage Verification Instructions for additional instructions on employment and wage verifications.