On occasion, government representatives may appear in person and request information, documents, or ask to see certain parts of the store premises.  In addition, legal documents may be delivered to the store.  In both situations, it is important to act immediately.


Inspection Requests

If a government representative appears in person, DO NOT provide any information, documents, or access to the store until you take the following steps and receive further instruction and authorization:

(1) Ask the government representative which government entity he/she represents (confirm he/she has proper identification) and what information is requested.

(2) Contact your field manager or your HR business partner.  Be prepared to fax a copy of the inspection request.


Legal Documents

Legal documents sent to the store location may include garnishments, subpoenas, and communications from federal or state agencies.

If a legal document references a specific employee, it DOES NOT mean that the employee is in trouble and should never be the basis of any employment decisions concerning the employee.  As these documents are legally and time sensitive, you must take all necessary steps to preserve confidentiality and ensure handling in accordance with the procedures outlined below.  



Garnishments should be faxed immediately to (513) 492-6967. Mail the original to:

Attn: HR Operations
4000 Luxottica Place
Mason, OH 45040


Other Legal Documents

If subpoenas or other legal documents, including but not limited to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges, Department of Labor (DOL) claims, and other communications from federal and state/provincial agencies are received at your store location, submit information to Employee Relations located on My Personal Desk through the Employee Relations Icon.  Please refer here to determine if Employee Relations support is required before proceeding. Be prepared to fax copies of any subpoenas/documents received.