It is the policy of the Company to pay employees compensation for all time worked in compliance with applicable laws. Managers (and their hourly employees) are responsible for maintaining accurate timekeeping records and transmitting those records to payroll at the end of each work week.


What can I do to ensure store payroll records are accurate?

Review Time Punches Daily:

  • Every day, and prior to submitting payroll at the end of the week, review employee time punches in timekeeping system for accuracy (including meal breaks)
  • Correct any missed or inaccurate time punches in timekeeping system

Enter Additional Hours in Timekeeping System:

Enter additional hours in the timekeeping system for your employees. This includes PTO, bereavement, jury duty, Diversity Day, Paid Sick Leave, holiday hours, California meal period premiums, minimum hours (see minimum hours/reporting pay section), and predictability pay (see scheduling section).

Submit Payroll and Manage Payroll Sign-Off by Saturday of each week

Submit payroll hours electronically via timekeeping system to the Payroll Department by the close of business each Saturday. Problems with payroll submissions should be reported to My Personal Desk at 1-866-431-8484.

Ensure all employees review and sign off on their weekly hours in accordance with the timekeeping system used at your location

  • Kronos: At the end of the workweek, follow the Weekly Timecard Approval process.  For questions, please refer to the Kronos training manual provided by your Brand.

Organize and Retain Payroll Records:

File all payroll related documents for the payroll period on-site or in accordance with the process defined for your location. Prior to filing, bind together all payroll related documents for the pay period, including:

Best Practice: Cross-reference employee attendance records with employee time sheets each week!

If there is ever a question about an employee’s hours worked or why a manager modified an employee’s time, the Company will need to review the above records. Managers who fail to maintain records as required may be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.


Historical Payroll Edits

If payroll edits are required within the past 6 pay periods, please contact your field manager to make the correction in Kronos.

Unless otherwise required by law, no payroll adjustment check will be cut for 16 hours or less. Instead, hours will be paid out to the employee on the next normally scheduled paycheck.