The following are examples of the types of conduct (“Principles of Conduct”) that may warrant immediate termination, though the list is not all-inclusive:

  • Violation of the Code of Ethics or any violation of Company policy or procedure.
  • Sexual or other harassment or discrimination of co-workers, customers or others in violation of Company policy.
  • Acts of retaliation in violation of the law or Company policies.
  • Off-duty conduct that is illegal or discredits the Company, except as prohibited by law.
  • Fighting, actual or attempted bodily injury, menacing or threatening language or actions, profanity, or patently offensive, immoral or indecent conduct.
  • Insubordination, including defiance of a superior or intentional failure to perform assigned work or follow work rules.
  • Falsification or unauthorized alteration of Company records or documents.
  • Failure to properly record working time, including but not limited to, falsely reporting time as worked.
  • Abuse of meal periods or rest breaks.
  • Working unauthorized overtime.
  • Allowing non-employees unauthorized entry into a facility, secured areas of a store or kiosk.
  • Abuse, misuse, or destruction of Company, co-worker or customer property.
  • Theft, unauthorized removal, or unauthorized use of Company, co-worker or customer property.
  • Divulging confidential Company, employee, or customer information, without proper authorization.
  • Possession, storage, and use of firearms, ammunition, and other dangerous items that may be considered a weapon on Company property (unless a state/provincial law exception applies).
  • Possession, using, or being under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol while on Company property (limited consumption of alcohol at designated Company sponsored events excluded).
  • Recording (by audio or video) of the workplace, including but not limited to Proprietary Information (see prior footnote defining Proprietary Information), employees, or customers, unless authorized by Corporate Communications.
  • Solicitation during working times or, where appropriate, in sales areas, in production areas or distribution of literature in sales or working areas, in violation of Company policy.
  • Sleeping on the job.
  • Failure to meet brand or department quality standards.
  • Unauthorized application of sales discounts
  • Resale of Company product for a profit that was either purchased by the employee, with or without Company discount, or received as a gift or a prize from the Company or Company vendor.
  • Failure to cooperate with an investigation, except where a Company investigator informs you that your cooperation is voluntary.
  • Clocking in/out for another employee or signing another employee’s time card/ documents
  • Failure to observe safety or security rules.
  • Continued poor performance.

Any other conduct deemed unacceptable by the Company. Managers and supervisors may be disciplined for any conduct deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by the Company. This policy will not be construed or applied in a manner that improperly interferes with employees’ rights under any applicable federal, state or provincial labor legislation, including the National Labor Relations Act.

See the Luxottica Employee Guide, pages 28-29.