The Company expects managers, supervisors (including assistant supervisors) and team leaders (collectively referred to as a “Leadership Employees”) to maintain professional working relationships with their subordinates. Accordingly, dating, romantic and/or marital relationships (collectively referred to as “Romantic Relationships”) between Leadership Employees and subordinates are prohibited, and Leadership Employees are encouraged to refrain from excessive non-work-related socialization (even non-romantic in nature) with subordinates due to the negative impact it may have on the workplace.  The Company treats all Romantic Relationships equally, regardless of sex, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Examples of prohibited Romantic Relationships include:

  • Store level managers and supervisors may not date anyone who works at their store location(s).
  • Field managers may not date anyone who works in their zone or region.
  • Team leaders and above may not date anyone in their group or department

Further, Romantic Relationships in the workplace at any level are not encouraged. Employees who elect to engage in a Romantic Relationship with other employees do so with the understanding that the relationship may be subject to review by the Company. If any negative impact on the workplace occurs, including actual or perceived favoritism, distraction, fighting or other inappropriate behavior, the Company will treat such conduct as a performance issue.

The Company reserves the right to prohibit dating and other relationships in situations where the Company determines that a relationship may be detrimental to the Company’s business interests.

The Company further reserves the right to transfer employees, make alterations to their duties and responsibilities, place one of the employees outside the reporting relationship, or where the foregoing is not feasible, terminate the employment relationship in order to address work performance issues, actual or perceived favoritism, actual or perceived conflicts of interest, or any other bona fide operational or business concern that stems from romantic and other relationships between employees. The Company will evaluate any given situation on a case-by-case basis to determine whether any of the above-noted concerns are triggered and, if so, what the appropriate course of action may be.

If a Romantic Relationship between a Leadership Employee and subordinate exists or develops, the participants are required to report their relationship to the Leadership Employee’s manager and Human Resources. If an employee knows that he/she is being considered for a job change such as a promotion or transfer or has requested a job change, he/she must disclose whether the proposed change would result in a violation of this policy. The Company may decline to authorize a job change to prevent a violation of this policy.  Managers and subordinates who misrepresent, hide, or fail to promptly disclose any such Romantic Relationship may be subject to Corrective Action.

Please see Relationships at Work Policy found in EssilorLuxottica Employee Guide for more information.