The Company's Solicitation and Distribution Policy (see Luxottica Employee Guide), addresses solicitation and distribution activities that are permitted and prohibited on store property.  All managers are responsible for administering this policy and enforcing its provisions.


External Parties

Individuals not employed by The Company are prohibited from soliciting funds or signatures, conducting membership drives, distributing literature or gifts, offering to sell merchandise or services (except HR-approved philanthropic or charitable works), or engaging in any other solicitation, distribution, or similar activity on Company premises at any time.



The Company may authorize a limited number of fund drives by employees on behalf of charitable organizations, including OneSight or for employees in need.  Employees are encouraged to assist in these drives, but their participation is entirely voluntary.  Managers and supervisors are prohibited from engaging in any solicitation or distribution of literature at any time, on Company premises.

All other employees must comply with the following requirements. For purposes of these requirements, “working time” means the time when the person is soliciting or distributing, or being solicited or receiving the distribution while the should be performing their hired job duties.

  • Solicitation in retail sales and production areas is prohibited at all times
  • Solicitation in all other areas is prohibited during the working time of either the employee making the solicitation or the employee receiving the solicitation
  • Distribution of literature or other material in sales and production areas and in all working areas, is prohibited at all times. Distribution is also prohibited in non-selling and non-working areas (e.g. a lunchroom or recognized break areas) during working time
  • Off-duty employees are not allowed to access the interior or work areas of Company premises outside of their scheduled work hours, except as a customer of the Company or to attend a designated Company meeting or event outside of their scheduled work hours

The Company maintains various communication systems to communicate Company information to employees and to disseminate or post notices required by law.  These communication systems (including bulletin boards, email, voicemail, text messages, facsimile machines, and personal computers) are Company property designated for business purposes. In particular, bulletin boards are for the posting of Company information and notices only, and only persons designated by Human Resources, Operations, or field management  may place notices on or take down material from bulletin boards.  The unauthorized use of the communications systems or the distribution or posting of notices, photographs or other materials on any Company property is prohibited.