Returning to work is an important part to finalize and close a leave of absence. Follow the steps below to properly return to work from a leave of absence.

Step 1:  Provide Release to Return to Work documentation from your medical provider.

The  Fitness for Duty Certification form may be used for this purpose.

Step 2:  Contact your manager to be added to the work schedule as soon as possible.

Step 3:  Contact Sedgwick Leave & Disability on the first day back to work. This will allow the leave claim to be updated.

Call:  1-866-431-8484 (Prompt:  1,2,1 for U.S. ;  Prompt:  1,2,2 for Canada)


Login: My Personal Desk -> select the My Leave icon  

Failure to report the return from leave may result in payroll and benefit implications.

Additional Resources:

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