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Diversity Benefits Everyone

The benefits of diversity are plentiful: a diverse workplace can offer new insights, different perspectives, new talents, and valuable skills. But ignoring diversity – or getting held up on stereotypes and assumptions – does just the opposite. This micro learning raises awareness of the value that diversity can bring to everyone.

Diversity: Managing Bias throughout the Employment Relationship

Unconscious biases may be common, but they aren’t appropriate when they interfere with fairness. This micro learning looks at bias from the perspective of managers and the important employment-related decisions they make. It teaches learners to re-examine their motivations and choices and to make decisions based on rational thinking, fair mindedness and qualifications.

Ethics Street: Bullying

Explores the importance of properly addressing employees who engage in bullying behaviors and covers the risks associated with ignoring or avoiding employees who engage in bullying, whether confrontation can help properly resolve a situation, and the consequences of ignoring escalating misconduct.

Ethics Street: Reporting and Retaliation

Explores the importance of reporting and the consequences of not speaking up, including the potential for misconduct to worsen, the consequences of remaining silent, the benefits of reporting, and the importance of asking questions, and reporting concerns and potential violations internally.

Workplace Harassment: Be an Ally, not a Bystander

Bystanders have an opportunity to play a key role in workplace harassment prevention, but they may not realize it. Or, they may not know what to do in the moment. This micro learning empowers bystanders to use their voice to speak up, object to offensive behavior and report it.

Workplace Harassment: It’s about Respect

When it comes to preventing harassment, lists of rules and unacceptable behaviors can be overwhelming and ineffective. This micro learning shifts the emphasis from specific behaviors to general principles of respect, empathy, and a consideration for how words and behaviors will impact others.